Let Terry the Tractor teach you how DigiFarm RTK Works!
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Advantages of DigiFarm VBN

     DigiFarm VBN (Virtual Base Network) maximizes RTK correction accuracy and reliability by combining all of the bases in our network with powerful server software to create a virtual base station in close proximity to where you are working. That means you can have an RTK signal anywhere within the DigiFarm network.

  1. Compatible with all major brands of GPS receivers
  2. Short baseline distance
  3. No need to change radio IDs
  4. No line shifts
  5. No need for a repeater


DigiFarm is an ever-expanding GPS network built from multi-constellation receivers with survey grade antennas. We offer GPS corrections to all colors of agricultural equipment. We’re always looking to expand the DigiFarm footprint through additional base station installations. Alternatively, if you’re a dealer who already has existing base stations that you would like to incorporate into the network, please give us a call to discuss options.


A vast network of DigiFarm base stations send data via the internet into central servers where the data is processed for clients to use. A cellular modem is installed in the tractor cab and is connected to the GPS receiver so that a wireless data connection can be established between the tractor GPS receiver and the DigiFarm servers.

The GPS receiver on the tractor sends its position into the DigiFarm servers through the cellular modem. The DigiFarm servers respond by creating a virtual base station in close proximity to the tractor and transmitting corrections to the tractor’s GPS receiver through the cellular modem. By creating a virtual base station for each vehicle that logs into the network, DigiFarm is able to offer superior accuracy compared to that of a single base RTK provider. This also provides our clients with exceptional redundancy and reliability.


There are two types of RTK in the ag market today: Single baseline RTK and a network solution (or a virtual base network — VBN). The VBN solution is much more reliable and accurate when compared to single base RTK and is the primary choice for many farmers across the midwest.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most accurate RTK corrections and the most innovative products with industry exclusive technologies. All this while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction at industry leading pricing.

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