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There are several different GPS signals available to end users today. Many of these signals experience satellite drift over time, effectively moving AB lines, field borders, and coverage areas within your fields. Our RTK correction is consistently the most precise available, providing repeatable sub-inch accuracy.

DigiFarm offers two RTK correction services. DigiFarm Single Base is a reliable RTK solution that receives corrections from a base station. DigiFarm VBN (Virtual Base Network) provides maximum accuracy and reliability by delivering corrections through a network of virtual base stations.

DigiFarm VBN

Provides maximum accuracy and reliability by delivering corrections through a virtual base station using a wireless connection to secure servers.

DigiFarm Single Base

Reliable RTK solution that eliminates the need to maintain a line of sight between the tractor and base station.

Coverage Area

We are always expanding our coverage area. Find out if your area is already covered.

What People Are Saying

As a dealer DigiFarm VBN allows me to be a completely color blind provider for RTK corrections. They also have great support, easy to use equipment, and very price friendly solutions to get the most return on investment. One of the key features to Digifarm is how well the network is maintained and well-built their products are to take away signal loss downtime and maximize in field accuracy.
Titan Machinery
Wyatt Schuster
Precicion Farming Specialist
Marshall, MN
DigiFarm is the most reliable and accessible network that we have ever used in the 27 years of serving our customers. DigiFarm has solutions for all of our customers regardless what brand of equipment they run and DigiFarm’s tech support is alwaysthere to help us with those solutions.
Park Farms Computer Systems
Mike Hofer
DeWitt, IA
DigiFarm is great to work with since they can talk to all the brands of GPS. The first question we ask a farmer when they want recommendations on an idea they have is“what do you already have”? Sometimes it makes economic sense to use some of what they already have. Often it’s a GPS unit that’s not our primary brand and DigiFarm helps us go down that path successfully.
Central IL


Beacon v3.0

Seamlessly stream RTK data into any GPS receiver (including Deere) using your iPad without the need for cables, expensive radios, or cellular modems.

Elevate Modem

Universal and economical LTE modem compatible with all major displays and GPS/GNSS receivers.

Data Plans

The most affordable Verizon, US Cellular, and AT&T data plans on the market for machine to machine modems.


The iOS NTRIP app streams RTK data from your iPad to your GPS receiver. 

BR1 Mini WiFi Modem

Cellular modems are required to connect the data link between the DigiFarm servers and the GPS receiver on each vehicle.


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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide the most accurate RTK corrections and the most innovative products with industry exclusive technologies. All this while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction at industry leading pricing.

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